Akinod FAQ


#1 Why use Akinod rather than cutlery left in your office kitchen or on the café table?

Keep the risk of Covid 19 and other nasty viruses away from you by using your very own personal Akinod cutlery.


#2 What does 12H34, 13H25 and 18H07 stand for?

Akinod is named for its intended purpose. H is for “hours”, hence 12H34 relates to the time – 12.34pm. Use the 12H34 model for lunch at the office, in the park, or at your favourite café. Need more portability, then the 13H25 is the Akinod for you. Peel, cut, slice your lemon and limes for the perfect afterwork drink with the 18H07. Of course, you can use any Akinod cutlery model anywhere, anytime.


#3 How does the Akinod 12H34 stay together as one?

It’s clever design, that’s how! The knife, fork, and spoon utilise magnets to keep them together safely and neatly as one. Cutlery that’s easy to use, easy to wash, easy to store and carry = Akinod.


#4 What is the wood used on Akinod cutlery?

Olive wood: Olea europaea

Even though we only use small quantities of wood for the manufacture of Akinod, we comply fully with the current legislation in force.  The wood is purchased from French and Spanish suppliers in full respect and compliance of best environmental standards and practices.


#5 What kind of steel is used?

We use stainless steel type 2CR14 for the straight and multifunction models and 3CR13 for the folding paring knife as they offer superior cutting edges, excellent corrosion resistance, and is designed for food use.


#6 My Akinod is stainless steel, but it has some rust spots.

Even stainless steel will rust if not properly maintained. Akinod cutlery must be cleaned and dried after each use. All metals are damaged by contact with moisture and it is up to the user to take proper care of your Akinod cutlery.


#7 What size is Akinod cutlery?

Magnetic 12H34 is 10cm in length and only weighs 122 grams.

Multifunction 13H25 is 10cm in length and weighs 147 grams.

At a lightweight 53 grams, the 18H07 Utility knife is 10cm in length. 


#8 Akinod is light. Is Akinod sturdy?

Akinod is designed for everyday use: eating breakfast, lunch, dinner, peeling fruit, cutting food, etc. Akinod is ultra-sturdy for what it is designed to do.


 #9 Is Akinod dishwasher safe?

Yes.  Use it during the day or night, give it a wipe clean, then take home for the full clean in the dishwasher ready for tomorrow.


#10 Is titanium coated Akinod cutlery more fragile than the polished mirror Akinod cutlery?

No. The Akinod titanium models are made by depositing fine particles of titanium on the blade (we use the same technique for Deejo knives). This technique is permanent and durable over time subject to normal use.  Abrasive materials such as scouring sponges which can create scratches should be avoided. Over time, the finish will patina but remain present.


#11 How to sharpen your Akinod?

Akinod straight and multifunction cutlery have a serrated blade for cutting food and never need sharpening. The folding paring/picnic knife can be sharpened like any other knife using a sharpening steel, stone, or a pull-through tungsten carbide faced sharpener.


#12 Where is Akinod made?

Akinod is a French company located in the region of Paris. The manufacturing process begins at our production units in Asia and are finished in our workshops in France where we take care of the operations of assembly, adjustment, buffing, sharpening, and customization. Each piece is checked individually before it leaves our premises.


#13 Can I have my own design on an Akinod?

 This is a service we only offer with minimums of identical pieces. See our Akinod Custom page at akinod.com.au/custom for more information.


#14 Can I get replacement parts?

You won’t find any replacement parts at your local dealer. In case you lose or break a part, please contact us here at sales@akinod.com.au to see what can be supplied.

If you live outside of Australia, please use the Akinod France contact page: akinod.fr/en/contact-us


#15 Why are fewer models available in stores than on the Akinod website?

When you calculate all the different designs and sizes available, you have a large range of Akinod cutlery to choose from. Because it would be too expensive and too complicated for any establishment to offer them all, the in-store focus is on the best sellers for their area or region. New Akinod is released each year: new finishes, new inserts, and new models are currently under review. Follow us on social media and tell us about your ideas or desires.  It’s always a pleasure to talk with you.


#16 Service, Maintenance &Warranty.

Your Akinod cutlery is guaranteed against manufacturing defects for a period of 24 months from the date of purchase. Provided the defect is not the result of the abnormal or commercial use of our products, we may provide parts for the repair of your Akinod. Simply contact us at sales@akinod.com.au with a photo of the defective product and specify full contact details including postal address.

If the product cannot be repaired by the user, we may choose to repair the product in its workshop or choose to replace the defective product if a repair cannot be undertaken. Postage to send the product to Akinod Australia is the responsibility of the customer.

Note: the appearance of rust spots on Akinod cutlery is due to the lack of proper maintenance. 

#17 Is it legal to carry Akinod knives?

It depends on the relevant legislation of your state or territory. Please check with the local authorities on the laws regarding carrying knives within your country. In general, you need to have a ‘good reason’ to carry them – lunchbox, camping, fishing, a picnic, a hike….


Akinod: It’s not where you eat, but how!